hi everyone my name is Angela heart and I’m currently a second-year communication culture and technology graduate student at Georgetown University I have spent the last year working on my thesis project do political film adaptations of fed for knowledge in order to ensure that my study was offering a unique insight into both film studies and political science a conducted quite extensive research currently I have eight pages of references for my thesis project my case study for my thesis is recant I ended up including some YouTube videos that i found that have the actors discussing the film advertising it for the premiere night while those interviews don’t necessarily offer a lot in regards to content analysis or a literature review they are important to note in regards to my study because they are actors talking about their characters and it is a film that wants to garner viewers and be commercially successful it is important for academics to note that adaptation studies is the sub genre of film studies in my own literature review i broke the categories down into two separate entities i noted all the different times that academics and screenwriters cited the fact that adaptations need to make changes there’s no such thing as a literal adaptation the word adaptation implies that there have been edits and decisions made along the way the goal of a film is to entertain not necessarily educate so the goal of the screenwriter in the director is to engage the audience on an emotional level adaptation is defined as the ability to make fit or suitable by changing or adjusting or modifying something to create a change in structure function or form Syd field page 2 59 Linda hatchery on road adaptations adjust alter or make suitable page 7 a screenplay is a story told with pitchers and dialogue and description and place within the context of dramatic structure indices are noted that goal oriented storylines are the easiest to adapt like as you can usually find the beginning middle in the end of the storyline passed by three questions what does the character want what does the character do to achieve the goal and when it does that want to begin screen readers are hired to write a movie script and though they do their best to honor the source material their obligation is to create an interesting and entertaining motion picture story while Lucy page 14 Robert S Robbins and Gerald and post wrote films are not simply entertainment they’re also cultural intellectual and political influences films do not create cultural trends that they do accelerate and reinforce them page 283 if you have any questions about my project or my literature review please let me know